This is just the beginning, we're still writing the best parts!

First we'll answer the most asked and important question, "Why Summit Horizon?"

   With endless possibilities for company names, we knew that we were not just looking for a “cool” or “catchy” name. We wanted to create a name that would represent what our services and products stood for; we realized that our name was our brand. Out of these ideas, our slogan was born. 

” The Summit of Solutions, with quality beyond the Horizon”

And then our name followed…

A little about our beginnings and where we are now...

Summit Horizon Solutions was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Torres-Herrera, a southern California native. The company started like many others; small and with little capital. In fact, the first year of operations were done out of an apartment. Although Summit Horizon Solutions itself may seem like a new company with probably a short story to tell, it instead really is a lot older than it looks, even more importantly, it has a strong foundation that expands over a decade of experience because of its founder's background.

In 2016 we finally went international, by opening our first Contact Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Our Founder

Jonathan Torres-Herrera was born in February of 1987; to Mexican immigrant parents. He’s a southern California native, born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego.

​            Fresh out of high school in 2005, with high hopes of breaking into the big screen business (behind the scenes stuff), he started working many odd and short-term jobs to save up money for a move to Hollywood. Like for many people that dream of “making it big” in Hollywood, things changed, and therefore the plans for his “Cinema Career” were brought to their current hold (Yes… he still has hopes of making it there someday) and in the Spring of 2006, Jonathan married Monica [also current owner].

Unknowingly that same year he would start, what would seem at the time like a simple “temp” job working as a dispatcher for Time Warner Cable. Having been trained for over ten years in so many positions within the telecommunication industry has helped him obtain the needed skills he uses today as the owner of SHS.

Finally, after many years of being part of unbeaten teams, Jonathan decided to start his own company.
In the summer of 2014, Summit Horizon Solutions opened its’ doors.